“I’ll talk about anything I want, Schmalfeldt.” — Dave Alexander

This bears repeating. Schmalfeldt hasn’t threatened me, not that I’ve noticed, but he has whined at me that he has done me no personal wrong. Surprise! I don’t give a shit. He’s a stupid, nasty person who offends me with his harassment of others, and I choose to act on my annoyance by speaking up, rather than ignore him just because he is unable to target me.

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head down

Bill Schmalfeldt is a pest.  He put my picture on Twitter, mentioned my Chapter 13 filing, and even threatened my employment.  Today I mentioned that he might need to take a road trip to North Carolina about a Peace Order.  He’s all sad about that.  Mostly he wants me to keep my head down.

Schmalfeldt has been hinting about contacting my employer to inform them that I am harassing him on their time and/or computers.  Now he says a judge could sign a subpoena to compel a search of my work computers.   I’m not so sure my work really needs a suboena to search their own computers.  In fact, every time I talk with them about this, they say how much they are concerned with my safety.  Because they did the one thing I always suggest:  They Googled Bill Schmalfeldt.

I don’t harass. I don’t ever contact Bill Schmalfeldt…

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