Proof of Unlawful Contact, Etc.

VfNL shreds Billogical von Schmeldtdown, with style, and flair, and maybe a verbal chainsaw or three.

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As the moderator of his blog, Hoge has ultimate authority over comments. – Bill Schmalfeldt, 5/20/15

As the OWNER of his blog, Mr. Hoge can choose to moderate it has he sees fit.


By not removing avatars that defame my wife, – Bill Schmalfeldt, 5/20/15

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More Shuttuppery – An Anti-Censorship Play Gets Censored

Dave is a smart guy and an excellent writer.

The Artisan Craft Blog -- Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey

Sometimes you can see these things coming.  Who really thought that the monologue entitled “Mohammed Gets a Boner” would really ever open?  The piece took on the subject of when it is appropriate to offend religious groups.  Greenwich Village artsies can sit home with their DVD’s of “Monty Python’s Life of Brian,”   which is something completely different.

Anti-Censorship Showcase Will Go On As Neil LaBute Pulls Play

Also in the news, a Duke Professor said something controversial about race and then was put on leave.  Other than being inelegant, I can’t find anything that bad in what he said.  He’s a white guy talking about race, and he mentions his workplace, so yes.  He should have known he was on very thin ice.  Note to self: NeverFeatured image use the phrase “the blacks.”

Not mentioned in that article was a part of the comment which noted that Asian-Americans have very American sounding…

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