Same Data, Different Graph

I love the graph of temperature on a scale that you can actually feel.

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How can the same data be shown on both of these graphs?  The temperature is shown on one graph and the change in temperature is on another.  Does one graph hide the Global Climate Change, and the other exaggerate it?

Retired chemist and physicist C.R. Dickson points out that the large error rates in global climate measuring combined with the very tiny increases shown make for very shaky conclusions.  We’re simply not measuring the temperature well enough to trust an increase of a degree or two.

Because it’s so difficult to observe man-made global warming, some experts at NASA GISS believe the accuracy of climate models requires a one hundredfold increase in order to see the small amount of warming.

“A doubling in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), predicted to take place in the next 50 to 100 years, is expected to change the radiation balance at the surface…

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One thought on “Same Data, Different Graph”

  1. And even the unmagnified data reflects the inclusion of politically manipulated temperatures. Anyone who agrees that AGW is occurring on a planet-threatening scale is an idiot or worse.

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