I still don’t like him personally.

Trump, I mean. His personality, or rather his public persona [not having met him, I don’t know what he’s actually like], annoys me. His thin-skinned response to much of the criticism he faces gets on my nerves, because I wanted a more dignified President.

I held my nose and voted for him, anyway. Doing what little I could do to prevent Hillary Clinton from being President was and is more important than my annoyance over mannerisms. The casual treason of placing national security at risk to avoid transparency and accountability, and the incompetence with which HRC has approached nearly everything she’s done in government, compelled me to vote for a man I vocally opposed in the primaries.

I also still think anyone who genuinely supported Trump for Trump’s sake, might well have something wrong with him. But, as I have familiarized myself with the specifics of what Trump proposes to do, I have to concede that most of it appeals to me.

So, I find myself wanting to believe. I’m buoyant, almost joyous, at the prospect.

Trumpslide 2016!

PS: This is a followup to my post here, which was kindly linked by Dave Alexander here.

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